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Easy and free: how to make a group video conference without time limit and from any device

Technology brings productivity both in the workplace and in the personal. In the case of video calls, which are the ones that concern us in this article, they are a great boost to teleworking, but they also bring us closer to our family and our loved ones.

Over the last few years, we have gradually embraced communication technologies as the digital transformation occurred , and now is when they have the most presence in our lives and work environments. But beware: they must be safe. And flexible.


Video conferencing services: cornerstone of remote communication

It took them a while to become popular, perhaps because we did not dare to greet a camera or because telecommunications networks were too slow at the time, but in recent years the use of video calls has not stopped growing . It is the result of more than seven decades of continued research and development relying on telcos.

Today, it is very common to “schedule a call ” and see each other thousands of miles away. So many that it is also usually normal to give the time in UTC to plan video calls with other countries. In addition, the ‘device barrier’ was broken a long time ago: if a few years ago it was necessary to have a specific machine to communicate (fax, telephone, specific hardware), today many systems are multiplatform.

This is the case of Zadarma’s video calls , which can be enjoyed for free from its website. Just by registering, it is now possible to open a room, get the link to send and start a video call with no time limit.

The software is supported by WebRTC technology and allows the interconnection of Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and iOS devices . Thus, we can have a conversation between an iPhone iOS 13, an Android Pie smartphone and a Windows 10, to give a few examples.

Zadarma’s videoconferencing service, with HD quality, has the particularity of integrating telephony , which makes it possible to make VoIP calls to those team members who do not have the software. Likewise, it has an internal chat to the video call, video and audio encryption , as well as the possibility of sharing our screen or sending a link for others to join. Also, the video conference session has no time limit.

Safety, decisive factor

And if functionality was prioritized over security before, now both are factors that are on the same level. The less secure services are being questioned and the user opts for others that shield their privacy.

As we anticipated, Zadarma’s video calls are encrypted in both video and audio, which will mean that even if the sending of information is ‘pricked’, it will be indecipherable to cybercriminals . Both our personal privacy and confidential business information will be safe. But the user is also looking for an affordable system.

The financial benefit of video calls

Suppose that Raúl, a typical user, works in a medium-sized city, and his company is looking for flights to take him to Germany, where the objective is to meet with staff from a second company and have a chat for several days. The cost in hours of Raúl, the cost of the ticket (plus taxes), the taxi to and from the airport or the accommodation, if the visit is extended, are costs that we can and should avoid as a company.

The rival company to Raúl’s, observing how the expenses for a meeting of a few hours far exceed hundreds of euros, decides to look for alternatives: videoconferencing, affordable, easy to implement and with minimal expense will be its way of communicating. The cost savings of video calls is perhaps the first of the obvious factors and is a decisive factor in the strategy.

Those companies that prioritize the movement of their members when they can carry out the same work through a videoconference are losing competitiveness, something that will be noticed in the long run when those others that were digitized manage to save enough to make new investments.

Zadarma integrates the videoconferencing service into a global package of communication solutions, among which we have free options with which to establish videoconferences of up to 20 people with two video call rooms at the same time . And the most complete, quite affordable, for teams of up to 400 people and 10 simultaneous videoconference rooms.

The productivity brought by digitization

There are many studies on productivity and technology. We know that companies that use robots bill five times more than those that do not, that freelancers who use digital tools bill 39% more than those that do not, or that companies that transform digitally are 26% more profitable. As we opened at the beginning, technology contributes productivity , and this is not only perceived in the balance of results.

Let’s think again about two competing companies, A and Z, both with several offices located throughout the national geography. One of the differences between them is that the first, A, only makes use of classic telephony and travel for meetings, while Z makes use of telecommunications services such as virtual numbers or video calls . Which is more productive?

In company A they only answer the phone when someone is in front of the landline, but a large number of customer calls are missed. In Z, which uses a virtual number service, each team shares the same phone number, and the customer can always contact someone from the company. Those productivity improvements are key.

With the current Zadarma offering, these virtual numbers have a cost of 0.9 euros and cover up to five devices, expandable. In addition, we can choose our phone number from a long list of possibilities, all with the desired local prefix that will make the client feel closer to us.


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