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Talk to Strangers on a Video Call: CS – Lite

The other day I was talking about this childhood wish of mine to a friend. I told him that as a kid, I used to think of scenarios where I was invisible, and I could go and visit every house in my neighborhood and spy on them. It was my urge to know strangers of every age group that drove me to think like that. He told me that specific applications allow you to call anybody and get to know them from around the world, may it be someone from your neighborhood or a neighboring country. Now that I have grown up, I realized that there’s no need to be invisible.

I asked my friend what’s the best random video chat app from his point of view, and upon his recommendation, I got to know about CS- Lite. It lets you call strangers, and that too with your web cameras on. You can interact with them, get to know them or their views about certain things in life, listen to them, guide them, become friends, whatever you want. Given are some of the extraordinary features that I liked the most;

Highly User Friendly

Cs- Lite is an effortless application to use. You do not have to read a user’s guide or watch youtube tutorials to get started. Just make your ID and look for the people available on the app. You can search for them through their usernames as well. The app lets you know about their language and their age for your assistance. You can also see their profile picture. You can video call strangers by considering their online/ offline status and become friends. Maybe at some part of your life, you can even travel and visit each other.

Free to Use

Unlike usual apps that charge you for every new feature, this application is free to use. The developer of this app said in a webinar on its launching date that he was concerned about the well-being of humans, which resulted in the birth of this idea in his mind. Considering the traffic the application has already gained, it is clear that the app is doing wonders for people.


People can communicate about the problems and miseries they are facing. They can also talk about their mental health and maybe help each other in some way. It is also assisting loners and introverts become socialites. It is helping people to get exposure to the things that were previously not in their vicinity. You can fight your boredom through this app without the fear of being screen recorded, as the app has paid serious attention to such data breaching issues. And mainly, you can befriend people from across the border.


The idea behind this application is so cool and unique. Given the pandemic-stricken world we all are in; this application is like a savior. It makes time bearable. There are already three thousand plus people on the platform. Book your slot before the application gets packed. Download it on your phones and get started with this adventurous journey.





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