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What is a group conference and how to do it?

Group conferences are one of the ways to keep people involved and working in harmony, as well as promoting a better work environment.

But why are group conferences so important in the world of entrepreneurship?

The answer is simple, many entrepreneurs still believe that it is enough to hire good professionals for the business to work perfectly; and it is true, however it is not enough. Since keeping the team motivated will be vital for the success of each professional and that of the company.

Understanding group conferences

Group conferences is a procedure by which companies try to identify the behavior, personality and profile of the employee, in order to train them and better develop their skills, whether personal or professional.

Group conferences also serve to soften the business environment, since many times the workload or pressure can be reflected in the performance of the professional.

Likewise, with these conferences, the members of the same team have the possibility of knowing each other better and working more harmoniously, which helps a lot with the personal motivation to work every day in an environment and with the people who are there.

And from the moment the employee is motivated, they will do more not only for their personal growth, but also that of the company as a whole.

Why do group conferences?

First of all, you should know that there are several theories about the importance of group conferences. But, in general, they are applied to:

  • Increase the energy level of the professionals of a company or team;
  • Breaking the initial ice, mainly of a new employee;
  • Promote learning;
  • Make the atmosphere more relaxed;
  • Integrate employees from different areas;
  • Improve business communication ;
  • Allow the exchange of experiences and information;
  • Bringing leaders closer to their leaders;
  • Create empathy;
  • Increase cooperation within the team;

Tips before doing a group conference

Before you decide to carry out a group conference, we suggest you read some tips to make the conference as successful as possible.

  1. Promotes naturalness

Whether you are the one with the idea of ​​doing a group conference, or you are already a participant, keep in mind that the success of the group conference depends on how naturally everyone acts.

For this reason, each of the participants must be sincere, transparent, and must let themselves be carried away in the development of the activity. That is, you must be willing to perform group conference.

  1. Listen and argue

In group conferences related to debate or discussion, it is sought to reach a common solution or agreement and for this, two things are important.

The first of them is to listen carefully to the different points of view that all the participants have without dismissing, in the first instance, any idea no matter how far-fetched it may seem.

Secondly, it is important to argue and listen to the reasons for the defense of said idea, that is precisely the essence of group conferences, the understanding of different ideas, and the integration of some of them to reach a solution or a common agreement.

  1. Encourage creativity

As we said before, listening is very important. Many solutions and creative ideas come to die in the mind of the person who thought them because they did not dare to say it for fear of what others think.

However, in many cases the solution is found in an idea that at first may seem unfeasible.

For this reason, it is important to encourage creativity in the participants and eliminate the fear of expressing themselves, you never know where the solution you are looking for may come from.

  1. Guarantee respect

All participants must feel safe to express their ideas, they must trust that the other participants and whoever organizes the group conferences will respect their positions, their arguments and themselves as people. Even if one of those present does not want to participate in the conferences.

Train your team

By applying these group conferences, you will make your employees more motivated and realize the importance and benefits of a collaborative environment.

In addition, group conference is an excellent tool to improve the organizational climate .

It is necessary to bear in mind that one of the reasons for the success of a business is directly related to employee satisfaction. Therefore, remember to always collaborate so that the people who work with you feel valued and part of the business.

In addition to group conferences, investing in the professional training of those who work with you is also a powerful strategy to improve the results of your business.

A person of principles

The goal here is to relax people during a meeting. For this, all participants must make a circle.

The coordinator stands in the center, begins to tell a story and asks each of the participants to complete the sentences. Whoever takes a long time to complete must go to the center and start the game again.

In addition to breaking the ice, such group conference can be used to understand whether people on the same team have similar thoughts and are able to complete each other in a positive way.


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