• NO FAKERS BECAUSE ONLY SELFIE REGISTERING - Not possible upload from gallery - Real thing
  • No dating - this is a contact friend making site
  • Use language button
  • same profile different devices possible

- No email registering

- no Location Registration 

Press OK in video - your profile will be on top videolist that user 

chat video call groupconference


CS-lite: simple - safe - real    


1) create username

2) gender and age

3) create password

4) make selfie pic

5) make selfie video between 10 and 20 seconds 

6) Make videocall in Contactlist and invite 3d or more to the call from Contactlist 

7) In Contactlist able to chat 

you can't be found but when you want to be sure put a finger on your face

Chats not stored on server. Everything encrypted

Hover over chat to see how long ago its send

This is how it works: 

Word NEW in contactlist at profile means new chat send  

Watch video: press block or OK 

Video disappears out Videolist

When you press OK video your profile will be on top Videolist that user 

When both press OK in each others Contactlist: chat, videocall, and invite other(s) out of Contactlist to the call   

Search engine

  1. Search username
  2. Search age

Videolist ordered

1) ones who pressed OK to your profile 

2) Online users 

3) Offline users 

IOS less then 14.3 not able to make profile