blur, free, non registered : MEANs NOT ABLE TO BE FOUND BY FACE RECOGNIZING


from uSA, uK, netherlands, india, Germany, Ukraine  - All continents - Worldwide 

- get to know each other live in a group

- (+) button create your own group with possibility to delete joiners when you feel like and they cant return 

- share your own group link (>) to invite to join you

- there is no registering and you are blurred so speak comfortable and share your mind real 

- because chats are protected and can only be seen by joiners you can share profile names social media and when it matches you know its real and not a fake account

Free public and no registering and no location info required and everybody comfortable blur so not detectable with face recognizing software : safe and protected - not able to see each other real

Join a room or create one yourself - max 6 joiners in a room 


your control - share your room at your socials and when people press the link they get in your room to video chat - joiners can share that by you created grouplink as well

We don't use cookies - SHARE WEBSITE SOCIALS AND wATCH OTHERS -  IT'S your world

Vidconnect 30% blurred

Not detectable by facerecognizing software

VidConnect is a free public chatroom where everybody is unrecognizable but still real.

Rooms can be filled to six maximum

Everybody can watch people talking

No registration

Press left or right and watch groups

Refresh groups with most joiners

Chats not stored at server

IP address not traceable because you dont register

- no email id - no phone number - no location info required

Bussum, Netherlands 

100% privacy control

No Personal Data
  • No data is provided for us to contact you personally. No email registering and no location information. 

Tracking Technologies and Cookies

  • Cookies or Browser Cookies. None